Why You Should Have a Multi-Country Trip

Many of us must have had the thought of traveling to a place that is quite different from the one we live in, exploring cultures we never get close to. But instead of discovering only one country at a time, why not try taking some steps further and crossing a few borders? A multi-country trip will give you the chance to explore a region or continent as much as possible. Here are the reasons why a multi-country trip would be an excellent choice for you when embarking on a journey.

1. Convenient and Money-Saving

Your great curiosity about the unknown may have been aroused when you decide to set out on an expedition to a country that is located in a land you have never set foot on. But have you considered the entire region or continent you intend to visit? The country you visit is just a part of it, and traveling to its neighbors would be very convenient because of the short distance between destination countries, resulting in a shorter time spent on transfer.

Besides, if you have traveled to one country in the area, I bet you must also be interested in the others. A multi-country trip saves you time and money from flying back home and returning back to the same area again and again."I think it was a wise choice to choose a multi-country trip covering Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. It really helped us explore the region better, but with less cost." said one of our satisfied guests, Mr. Robert, who has just returned from his pleasant journey in Southeast Asia.

For example, after getting close to the giant pandas in Chengdu, China, you may take one step further to cross the Chinese border, landing in Kathmandu with only a few hours' flight, trying paragliding to soak up the spectacular Himalayan country of Nepal.

Pokhara, NepalPokhara, Nepal

Also, you can hike through a tropical forest to see the beautiful Angor Wat in Cambodia after you've seen the amazing limestone islets and caves in Halong Bay, Vietnam. You can even go one step further and visit the famous Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. It is the proximity of these countries that makes it possible to experience more in one go.

Halong Bay, VietnamHalong Bay, Vietnam

2. Different Countries, Different Experience

The experience of hopping over from one country to another will bring you to a new horizon in your knowledge of the continent. You will realize that though these countries are huddling together and may share some common cultures, there's still diversity that makes a country distinctive. And you are able to get a taste of the variety of different countries.


Despite sharing the same continent, landscapes in different countries differ from one another. Taking the African continent as an example, you will descend into the desert lands of Cairo, cruise down the magnificent Nile when exploring Egypt in the north, and be amazed at the rock-cut architecture when stepping into the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.

Petra, JordanPetra, Jordan

Meanwhile, on another side of the continent, there is another kind of experience like witnessing wildlife that can be easily seen at the Etosha National Park of Namibia or maybe even enjoying a night full of stars, gazing at the stunning Milky Way. By combining the different countries into one trip, you would be able to explore the various sceneries the continent presents.


Besides, different geographical environments, religious believes, as well as economic development would have a great influence on the local culture, affecting the way the residents live.

When hopping around countries like China, Mongolia, and Japan, you will be amazed at the many festivals and interesting traditions of the ancient eastern land. Learn the traditional art of Taiji or try calligraphy writing in China; sleep in a ger to experience the authentic Mongolian lifestyle; try dressing in a traditional Japanese costume, Kimono. You will be able to figure out the diversity of the cultures of these ancient Asian countries as much as possible.

Kyoto, JapanKyoto, Japan


Apart from cultural differences, food plays an important part in a multi-country journey, too. During your country-hopping time, there are plenty of special local snacks and cuisine ready for your taste buds. Get astounded by the distinct culinary style of hot pot in China; sip a cup of tasty red tea in Sri Lanka; try tasting the authentic Indian flavor of curry; and get a bite of the traditional Middle Eastern food of falafel, which is fried in a unique way to make it soft inside. With a multi-country trip, you will get a feast for your heart's delicacy.

Sichuan Hot Pot, ChinaSichuan Hot Pot, China

Local stories

What's more, when you travel to different countries, you will learn from your guide about many interesting stories about the place that you are visiting. The guides' different cultural backgrounds will help you integrate into the local life quickly. And finally, through communication with them, you will get a better understanding of the region or continent. You won't have such a diverse experience if you visit just one country while you have taken your flight from a distant country. Wouldn't that be a pity? So next time the appetite for exploring something new comes up, spare a minute to think about the idea of going further for a better experience.

3. Professional Tour Operators Make Your Multi-Country Trip Hassle-Free

Imagine this: you are going to give yourself a long break and would like to arrange a tour that covers two or more countries yourself. But you soon realize that there are so many things that need to be checked out and you may find yourself stuck with high expenses if you personally book your hotels, tickets, etc. And instead of having some leisure time, you may end up being pushed by the itinerary if it was made improperly.

However, with the assistance of tour operators who have extensive country-hopping experience, you can avoid much trouble. Cooperated with suppliers, hotels, and airlines around the world, great travel agencies usually get lower prices from them, as well as some inside perks like updating your hotel room for free. And they can help you with the complicated process of making your ideal multi-country trip.

For 10 years, we have accompanied over 100,000 travelers on their tailor-made multi-country journeys around the world, setting foot in Asia, the Middle East, South America, and more. And we have high standards for local suppliers in each destination country, ensuring the high-quality service that we provide for every traveler. More than half of our clients are now choosing a multi-country trip and we finally found them returning home with great joy. Many of them chose us as a trusted company more than once.

And you don't need to worry too much about the complicated files and documents when preparing for a multi-country tour. We will surely be there to help you get adequate preparation for your journey, and all you have to do is enjoy your lifetime of unforgettable moments. 

Feel like packing your luggage and escaping to explore the unknown? Contact us at trip@odynovotours.com, and let us tailor-make your discovery.

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