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  • Shall We Visit Dark Tourism Sites?

    Cambodia,Travel Thoughts
    One of the cells of Tuol Sleng Prison, Cambodia
    Associated with death and suffering, dark tourism has attracted a great number of people since a long time ago: from the bloody gladiatorial games in ancient Rome, the cruel public executions in the Middle Ages, to the morgues visits in Victorian England...
  • Few small countries on earth are packed with so much history, culture and natural beauty as this tiny Middle East nation. Here are seven of the best reasons to visit Israel.
  • The world's largest travel site TripAdvisor has announced the 2017 Certificate of Excellence Award winners. My Odyssey Tours is once again on the list. For the sixth time in a row, we have been honored such an accolade.
  • How to Plan a Peru Trip

    Peru,Guides,South America
    How to Plan a Peru Trip
    A lifetime trip to the land of Incas begins with your planning. Here's a brief rundown of everything you should know before visiting Peru, including when to go, visa requirements, accommodation, transportation, health, safety, etc.

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