Read a Story for Students in Myanmar

Posted on 20 Apr, 2017 Category: Myanmar,Responsible Travel

According to the statistics from UNESCO, the average adult in Myanmar only receives 2.8 years of schooling. Even though Myanmar has laws stipulating that primary school education is free, due to the lack of government support, it is difficult for low- and even middle-income families to pay for transportation to schools and additional fees to help the schools buy textbooks and desks.

During an inspection trip to Myanmar in June, we visited Sandar Yama Monastic Education School. This school is located in one of the poorest areas near Yangon, and provides free education to about 400 students, starting from kindergarten.

Upon arriving, we were warmly welcomed by Abbot Sandar Yama, the founder of the school. In the school, we held a special activity class. Starting with some easy chit-chat, we introduced ourselves in a soft voice and encouraged the kids to do the same. Then, students were invited to share their dreams. We asked the reason why most of them wanted to be teachers after grew up. The reason was simple, just as one of the students told us that because they knew teacher played a very important role in life and could bring many new things and ideas to locals.

Read a storyRead a story for students in Myanmar

Feeling that the atmosphere became lively, we distributed the storybooks to every student and we read the story named "Duck on a Bike" together. We spent a very interesting afternoon at the school.

Smiling studentsMyanmar school kids

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