Travel to Morocco for Your Beloved Films

Do films give you wanderlust?

Watching a film set in Morocco is one of the best ways to get into the travel spirit. Perhaps some of you have already known that Morocco is a popular setting for hundreds of films, while others may totally freak out after hearing the saying and ask: "Why? Why did this tiny country in the Middle East (or North Africa) become so popular?"

Well, the following information will definitely help you to find the answer.


Your love will never die in Casablanca.

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

Talking about Morocco and films undoubtedly conjures up Casablanca, an American romantic film set during WWII. The story of Rick and Ilsa sacrificing their love to help defeat the Nazis is timeless, and so is the city; it still remains firmly associated in many people's minds with the film.

Although the film isn't based in Casablanca, the city is famed for it. Today, Casablanca is seen as the economic capital of the country and the entrance to Morocco. It is also one of the most visited cities in Morocco by people who have never been there before.

Traveling around Casablanca won't take much time because it is simple enough. However, it is great to have a knowledgeable guide accompany you. Go to the King Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Morocco, which is located by the sea and dominates the city's landscape, visit the Jewish Historical Museum, which is dedicated to Morocco's Jewish heritage, and sit down for a delectable dinner in Rick's Café, which is specially designed to recreate the bar in the classic movie.

King Hassan II MosqueKing Hassan II Mosque

See? A half-century has passed, but you can still recreate the romance.


Come here with your best girlfriends for your own Sex and the City.

Similar to the film above, Sex and the City II's story takes place in Abu Dhabi, but it was almost entirely shot in Marrakech. This amazing city has suddenly become an awesome destination for girls' escape since the film's release. Do you remember the scene where Carrie and Aidan meet? They meet at the vibrant Jemaa el-Fna square, the symbol of the old part of the city.

In the morning, Jemaa el-Fna is mostly a crowded market with lots of juice sellers, herbalists, and folk pharmacists, as well as snake charmers. After the sunset, here comes the climax. Much of the square has already prepared itself for a large open-air food court, and you can choose from plenty of offers, from snail soup to B'stilla (a special pie), from Harira (the traditional Moroccan soup) to sheep heads. Many people are found listening to storytelling and musicians, playing games, or watching the dancers' performances.

Beyond the old Marrakech, the modern part of the city is fast developing and now attracts many visitors in search of luxury spas and clubs.


Run after Jason Bourne in The Bourne Ultimatum (2007).

Tangier witnesses Jason Bourne's final and most spectacular window-to-window jump scene. Tangier, to be honest, is not the most beautiful Moroccan city and can be overwhelming for visitors; however, no guide to a Morocco tour is complete without recommending that you visit Tangier, a vibrant city.

This interesting city is at the western end of the Strait of Gibraltar. It has three parts: the Kasbah, the Medina, and the New City. You can marvel at the picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean, take 1–2 hours or more to wander through the Kasbah and Medina for an authentic look at local life, step into a church and read the Lord's Prayer written in Arabic, and even follow the trails of Jason's chasing.

Ocean view of TangierOcean view of Tangier


Take a visit to the home of the Unsullied in the famed Game of Thrones.

A number of locations are being featured in the mega-hit Game of Thrones, but Morocco may draw the most interest from fans. Essaouira got really famous for being the filming location of Game of Thrones' Astapor, home to the Unsullied. This wonderland, known as the "wind city of Africa," is a coastal paradise where you can breathe fresh air. In this historical city, two things are priorities among priorities: walking the Ramparts, enjoying the fine beach and exciting water sports.

Walking to the ancient Essaouira ramparts and fortress walls is an amazing tour. They are built for the defense of territories, so it is not surprising that they still stand firmly today. These historical buildings are not only beautiful and create a grand ambiance for the city, but they also provide you with the best locations for seaside views.

Have nothing else to do in Essaouira? It's impossible! Its beach is one of the most beautiful ones in the world, and sports lovers can grasp the chance to enjoy the exciting windsurfing on the sea!


This blue city is an ideal place to create your own film.

Many cities in Morocco are amazing, but if there's one city I won't skip, it is Chefchaouen. "Create your own" doesn't mean there's no film shot in Chefchaouen but suggests all your stories can happen in this blue town.

Situated in the Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco, Chefchaouen stands out due to the abundance of blue in the streets of Medina. I don't know the reason, but almost all people in the city like blue and they feel it is pretty cool. Doors are blue, sidewalks are blue, stairs are blue, and it seems like everything is blue. Anyway, wandering the narrow streets and snapping some beautiful photos here is very attractive. Do you think so?

Blue Buildings in ChefchaouenBlue Buildings in Chefchaouen

Other things to do in Chefchaouen? For adventurers, they can hike in the Rif Mountains to admire the city with an unbeatable panoramic view; for foodies, they can sit down at a local restaurant and try some traditional Moroccan cuisine; and for those who love to indulge themselves in local life, they can head to a riad and stay overnight there.

Sahara Desert, MoroccoSahara Desert, Morocco

Is it all marketing bluff, words, and pictures that look so great on the websites, or is the country really so beautiful? Contact our travel consultant at and ask them more about Morocco, and they can tailor-make a special tour just for you. Now, plan a trip to Morocco and find out the answers yourself.

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