Travel, the Best Way to Shape You into a Better Person

Posted on 30 Sep, 2016 Category: Travel Thoughts

When you see the title of this article, you may think that I am a little bit over the top. But, I'm telling you the truth.

People around me are always wondering what has changed me in recent years, after they find that I've become open to new ideas, and begin to live a happier life. When I look back, I have to say that the hidden power is TRAVEL! Believe it or not, the experience of travel can change us and make our lives incredibly better.

Travel, the Best Way to Shape You into a Better Person

Why? Let me share some of the ways with you:


1. Be more organized

I'm pretty sure that to be more organized will keep your travel away from utter chaos, and in return, travel will make you more organized. You definitely don't want the travel nightmare, like forgetting the passport at home or not having a confirmation number, to ruin your holiday. Therefore, think out before kicking off the vacation, and anticipate needs and situations that may arise on the way. A few travels later, you'll find yourself becoming more organized.


2. Be more social

Most of the time, the routine life provides you with very little chance for interaction with strangers, especially when you are not a sociable person. During your trip, you have to communicate with strangers even if you don't like to talk with them. Then, you'll somehow get more comfortable to make friends with them and become better at it. Trust me, whether you like to travel alone or with companion, travel will boost your social life.

local market in Nha TrangWant to improve your social skill? Come to the local market and bargain with vendors.


3. Be more open-minded

Just like what Mark Twain once said: "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness", travel offers you a chance to relax and take a break from your daily routine. You'll be exposed to the new language, food, culture, and even new ways of thinking and living. Travel can also make you realize that you have to listen to different voices, believes and values around you. Embracing new things will lead you to be more open-minded, and help you acquire a new meaning of life.

Broaden Your Mind with a Wonderful Private Tour


4. Be more courageous

To some degree, travel is actually to explore something new, and it makes you more likely to take risks that you wouldn't at home. Do something you've never expected! You may find yourself snorkeling with various fishes in the sea even though you can't swim, paragliding in the sky to enjoy a bird's eye view regardless of your fear of heights, or going on safari on the beautiful grasslands in Africa without being afraid of the large wildlife… You’ll face your fear and make a difference.

travel alone in tibetTravel will enable you to face your fear and be more courageous.


5. Be more interesting

Now, you're more open-minded and courageous to new things. How can you not be more interesting? During your travel, you might face several unusual situations, explore many fantastic places and meet some bizarre people. Some of them - at least one - will make you feel funny and rush to share these interesting experiences, discoveries and feelings with your friends. Don't be shy. It's easy to make someone laugh with your funny stories.


6. Be more patient

Perhaps you're one of the curious creatures, and get uncomfortable or even crazy when sitting in a chair for long hours at a time. A lot of waiting is involved in travel, such as waiting for special local meals outside a packed restaurant or delayed flights at the airport. Getting impatient doesn't change these things. Travel is a lesson that teaches you how to deal with these situations and how to remain patient in chaos. Moreover, you might even learn to feel that waiting is a fun part of the journey or in your life.

sri lanka beach trainWaiting in travel will make you more patient.

As for these awesome ways, there's no reason why you don't plan your next trip now! Wherever you go, just tell us about your next destination at , and we'll make a customized and private tour for you. If you travel farther and more often, you'll find that you are becoming a better person.


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