10 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan, a desert-colored jewel located in western Asia, borders controversial nations and has a 26-kilometer-long coastline, making it a veritable landlocked country. Jordan's vast desert area and magical lake with high salt content have resulted in a world-renowned desert wonderland. Despite its historical and geographical turmoil, the country has historical monuments and old cities. The ancient architecture offers good opportunities to learn about Jordan's past and present civilizations. From a desolate desert to a busy market, fresh tourists always immerse themselves in a spiritual experience to touch its old history. Here, we'll go through the 10 best attractions where you can take during your tour to Jordan both wonderful natural scenery and solemn human creations.

Situated in southwest Jordan, the mysterious old city is hidden in a deep canyon connecting the Dead Sea and the Strait of Aqaba and was rediscovered in 1812. Petra was built around 600 BC by the Nabataean kingdom and later captured by the Romans. As a result, the ancient city has an ancient Greek and Roman style. Since its foundation, Petra has been the main focus of Jordan's tourist attractions. It is one of UNESCO's must-see cultural heritage sites. Tourists around the world fall prey to its charm. Petra has a spectacular ancient entrance, Ai Siq.


It is a 1.2-kilometer-long canyon with strange walls that average 200 meters high. It will be an interesting experience to trek through the canyon to Petra. The historical monuments were built and carved in half. Visitors will be fascinated by many types of sites, like royal tombs carved into the cliffs, the High Place of Sacrifice, and the monastery. Among them, you can't miss the Treasury (Khazneh) when exploring the wonder. The Treasury, a rose-red palace, was carved out of a giant rock standing 40 meters high. The palace has been said to serve as a spot where the treasure of Petra's kings was concealed. It has various stone sculptures covered in exquisite decorations and a collection of beautiful old wall paintings. Petra is a fantastic travel destination for anyone interested in history, culture, hiking, or stunning natural beauty.

Wadi Rum, or the fully protected Wadi Rum area, is one of the world's most spectacular desert landscapes. It is the significant destination where many well-known movies, such as "Star Wars," "The Martian," and "Aladdin," have been shot. Wadi Rum is located in south Jordan, with Saudi Arabia at its border.

Wadi RumWadi Rum

The place has been eroded into many different shapes of sandstone formations. You can see soaring cliffs, colossal landslides, fantastic sandstone arches, and narrow but naturally exquisite canyons. The distinctive but remarkable landscapes are a perfect magnet for travel enthusiasts. You can explore Wadi Rum by jeep, by horse, or by camel. If you're adventurous, you can choose climbing and trekking. Spending the night in the panoramic bubble tents, where you can gaze into the star-studded clear sky, is also an unforgettable experience. Local Bedouins are hospitable and welcoming, and you will enjoy yourself partying with them.

The Dead Sea is an inviting gift that Jordan receives from nature. From a distance, the lake's dreamy color appears to be a giant blue gem, but upon closer inspection, it appears to be an emerald green. The Dead Sea, the world's lowest point on earth, is at the borders between Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank.

Dead SeaDead Sea

Due to its extremely high salt content, the lake is not inhabitable for any form of wildlife. But the Dead Sea is increasingly attractive to health seekers and explorers. Surprisingly, you can float on the surface of the water without fear of getting sunk. You may see many types of groups gathering on the lake to enjoy a superb health spa. It is the must-do thing while visiting the Dead Sea, which is also known as a wonderful natural spa escape. You can also drown your body in the mineral-rich mud to relax.

If you're looking for a Roman city in Jordan, look no further than Jerash. The city is located in northern Jordan, about 40 kilometers away from Amman. The significantly historical city is best known for its ancient Roman sites, which have been remarkably well preserved. Jerash Ruins is the second-optimal destination to meet with ancient Rome after Italy. Jerash ruins contain lots of Roman architecture.

North Theater in JerashNorth Theater in Jerash

Among them are Hadrian's Arch at the southernmost point of the site, the Temple of Zeus, which dates back to 162 AD, the North Theater and the Hippodrome. One of the most memorable things is to walk through the paved limestone road lined with spectacular, huge columns. The two magnificent amphitheaters of the ruins are also attractive to tourists. If you travel in July, you may come across the Jerash Cultural and Music Festival celebrated in one of the amphitheaters. It will be a unique experience to witness the collision of two traditions from completely different eras.

Aqaba is a coastal city sitting at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, at the northern end of the Red Sea. It houses the largest population on the Gulf of Aqaba. Aqaba is located in the southernmost part of Jordan and serves as the only harbor in the country, which makes it a place of great strategic importance. The port city is full of cultural sites and beach scenery. Aqaba Castle, an old fort used and renovated during many historical dynasties, is an important historical monument that tells tourists a part of the history of Aqaba and its country. Now around the castles stand a restaurant, a fitness center, a bar, and a shared lounge.

Beach Scenery in Aqaba Beach Scenery in Aqaba

The stunning beach scenery and a great variety of watersports definitely make Aqaba attractive across the world. From Coral Beach to Mosh Beach to Princess Beach, the city has many untouched and delightful beaches, offering sun seekers an amazing coastline and clear blue water. If you enjoy watersports, you must visit Aqaba, which is an excellent location for scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling. The world under the water is home to many species of marine life and a spectacular coral reef. You will be immersed in such exciting activities.

Located about 10 kilometers north of the city of Madaba, Mount Nebo is one of the most sacred destinations for Christians. According to the Hebrew Bible, the Mount is where Moses, the founder of Judaism, spent the rest of his life before going up to heaven. As a significant religious attraction, Mount Nebo is a shrine that attracts its numerous followers and western tourists to make a pilgrimage every year.

Mount NeboMount Nebo

At an elevation of 870 meters, the mountaintop overlooks the Dead Sea and the River Jordan. On a clear day, visitors standing at the top can gaze towards the church's splendid spire in the city of Jerusalem and catch a glimpse of the holy land of Bethlehem. A church and many tombs on the mountaintop were built by convinced Christians in honor of Moses. The church is designed in the Byzantine style, with delicate patterns of hunting, agriculture, and animals on the floor. Visiting the religious sites is a good way to purify your soul, and the peaceful sight of the Dead Sea will relax you.

As the capital city of Jordan, Amman is so stable, prosperous, and open that it is drawing all sectors around the world, including a great number of tourists, to its modernization and antiquity. The white city is located on a range of mountains. It is a brave fusion of modern architecture and ancient historical sites. Rainbow Street in the east would be a good place to go to experience the local vibrant lifestyle. A variety of shops and restaurants can be found here. When you travel to the western city, you may marvel at its totally different face. It is full of spectacular old monuments. While you visit them, you can't ignore the landmark, the Amman Citadel. This magnificent site, built during the period of the Abbas Amon Kingdom, sits at the top of Jebel Al Qala'a, a hill towering 850 meters above sea level. Amman Citadel is famous for Ummayah Palace, the Temple of Hercules, and its spectacular peristele. The architecture features Arabic styles and provides tourists with an incredible panoramic view of the city. Besides, it's an ideal place to catch the wonderful sunset. Anyhow, Amman must be added to your bucket list!

Wadi Mujib, a spellbinding canyon stretching for 70 kilometers, is one of the most adventurous and challenging destinations for trekking lovers all over the world. From the Desert Highway at the beginning to the well-known Dead Sea at the end, Wadi Mujib embraces valleys, towns, and colored rock formations. In May, the water begins to flow along the canyon, and this offers a unique experience for visitors who go on many excursions.

Wadi MujibWadi Mujib

For adventure lovers, it is a wonderful thing for trekking through the light blue and cool water. If the water trekking is quite challenging, you can explore the weird but enchanting rock formations. If you're lucky, you'll be able to catch many small or large falls on your own. When standing beneath 1,000-meter-high canyons, you must look up at a breathtaking slash of blue sky. Parts of Wadi Mujib cover the Mujib Biosphere Reserve, where you have the chance to meet a number of rare wildlife. In Wadi Mujib, one of the best gifts from nature, you never run out of fun.

The Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve in the country. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife from Europe, Africa, and Asia. Hundreds of species of plants grow on diverse terrain. Tourists can come across colorful birds and have the potential to discover endangered mammals like the sand cat or the Syrian wolf. The species richness makes Dana Biosphere Reserve a place of ecological significance. Diverse terrain makes up the Reserve. Wherever you go on a trek within the area, each distinctive terrain will leave you awestruck: 1700-meter sandstone cliffs, beautiful and mysterious valleys, and a low-lying desert area (Wadi Araba). If you come to the Reserve during spring, the hillsides will give you impressive scenery of flowering. Dana Biosphere Reserve offers tourists great potential to go hiking or trekking. There are various hiking or trekking trails like the Wadi Dana Trail to explore different landscapes and rock formations. It is recommended to spend a night at a campsite or camp that is surrounded by breathtaking mountains, and you can enjoy the wonderful view even during the break.

The town is home to Jordan's off-the-beaten-track historical site, the ancient city of Gadara. Umm Qais is now divided into three main areas, including the archaeological site, the traditional village, and the emerging modern town. Its location is perched on a 378-meter-high hill at the borders of Syria and Israel. It seems that the old town has its undeniable charm and merits tourists' closer looks. Umm Qais is scattered with wild and dilapidated pillars, some carved into elaborate shapes at their tops. Tucked among tall wild grass, run-down walls will make an indelible impression on explorers. Among these historical sites, you never cease to find elements related to ancient Greece and Rome. Apart from the cultural attraction, Umm Qais features the spectacular natural sights of the Yarmouk River, Lake Tiberias, and Golan Heights. The town seems to be inhabited only by history, which is rarely known, but it is really worth more tourist visits.

Whatever attraction you visit, you will be stunned and captivated by the imposing wonders, some of which have historical significance. The Dead Sea and desert wonderland are thrilling to nature lovers and photography enthusiasts, and the cultural monuments designed to blend with their bleak surroundings prompt history-loving travelers irresistibly to interpret their past. Jordan is full of fascinating places that are definitely worth a walking visit. If you want more information about Jordan, please contact us. You can travel with Odynovo and enjoy our individualized service. We'll create a tailor-made itinerary based on your preferences and offer you an unforgettable trip to Jordan.

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