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Exploring Egypt is like traveling back in time - you're going to descend into a world of ancient wonders: from the magnificent Giza Pyramids complex and the Sphinx amid the desert lands in Cairo to a cruise down the Nile on an Egyptian felucca; from the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, the legendary Alexandria to a snorkeling jaunt along a coral wall in the Red Sea. My Odyssey Tours collects all classic highlights in Egypt and is happy to customize your trip based on your interest to go the extra miles.

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  • 8 Great Things Not to Miss in Egypt
    Suffice it to say that Egypt is a treasure trove for visitors raging from archaeology buff to world exploration junkie. Besides pyramids and nice beaches, there are so much more to encounter! Want to make life easy? Odyssey Tours has hand-picked 8 great...
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  • Nile River Most Frequently Asked Questions About Egypt
    Egypt is a very popular destination known for pyramids, mummies and numerous historical sites, but is still mysterious to many travelers. Here I answer the most frequently asked questions about Egypt to help make your travel as enjoyable as possible.
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  • The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey at dusk. A Non-Muslims Guide for Traveling During Ramadan
    For Muslims worldwide, Ramadan is the anniversary of the revelation of the Quran to Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, and thus the most holy month. While for non-Muslim travelers, it can also be a celebratory holiday and spiritual experience.
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  • Lost in Egypt: Land of Legend I
    “Once you drink from the Nile, you are destined to return." The old Egyptian proverb holds true for me.                                        ...
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  • Lost in Egypt: Land of Legend II
    Take a cruise sailing down the Nile, you will find a land of sand-covered tombs. Over the past thousands of years, when the sun rises from the East Bank, everything in Luxor wakes up in the first glimmer of light. Ancient Egyptians believe that human...
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  • Egypt Ranked the Second Most Price-competitive Destination for Travelers
    Egypt is ranked the world's second most price-competitive country for international tourists, according to the "Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report" (TTCR) 2014-2015 released by the World Economic Forum.The Sphinx, one of the many ancient wonders...
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