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Welcome to Morocco, where kaleidoscopic colors can be seen, melodious jingle of camel bells can be heard, and fragrant scent in the air can be smelled. There are countless ways to experience this country: visiting world-famous movie set and UNESCO heritage Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou; trekking in the rolling and snow-capped Atlas Mountains; going on a pilgrimage to Hassan II Mosque; making nice bargains at the vibrant Jemaa el-Fnaa Square; paying great reverence at the Royal Mausoleum, or taking a leisurely camel-ride on the endless Sahara Desert. Whatever your Morocco trip wants to be felt like, let us customize a lifetime Moroccan journey to make it happen.

Most Popular Morocco Private Tours

A wonderful collection of the most popular Morocco private tours which are top rated by tens of thousands of guests and can be easily fine-tuned into your choice.

Multi-Country Private Tours Including Morocco

A mix of multi-country tour offers more incredible experiences. These tours feature the best combination of Morocco and its neighboring countries, and will take you to explore various exotic cultures and landscapes!

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